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  • June 5, 2015

Bringing the joy of dance to those of limited opportunities in the urban core of Kansas City, in turn, providing a boost to self worth, a creative way to exercise, exposure to the arts and a foundation for life and learning.

Have You Ever Dreamed You Were a Star?

Carrying On a Dream

Many children in the Kansas City Metro area have that very dream. Emily Silverman did and was able to take dance classes during her childhood. She  realized that not all children could afford to dance. She had big plans to offer dance to children with limited opportunities. Emily was unable to follow through with her dream when a car accident cut her life short. Her family continued her dream by creating Em’s Spotlight.

For over 10 years Em’s Spotlight has made those dreams a reality for families of limited means. Serving over 600 people a year through 7 programs, Em’s Spotlight provides, exercise, creativity, exposure to the arts and a boost to self esteem – all fun and free of charge.

The excitement in the dancer’s eyes, the confidence in their dancing, and the pride they exhibit while they perform for their families all confirm the volunteer hours, the time spent on costumes and dance lessons is well worth the effort.

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We Offer Classes for

  • Children with Special Needs
  • Adults with Special Needs
  • Children
  • Senior Citizens in the Inner City Area

Each student has access to costumes through our dance attire loan program. We also lend our attire, including shoes, out to church groups and schools. At the end of each program, the students get to perform in front of their family and friends.

The positive outcomes of Em’s Spotlight go much further than learning to dance… Children have found confidence, the hurt have found healing, and families have been brought back together. This is why Em’s spotlight means so much to us and those we serve.

Thank you for supporting Em’s Spotlight.

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What could be better than, eating, shopping for unique gifts and helping Kansas City urban core children? STUFF is a local business with one of a kind items made by local artist at affordable prices....

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